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Congratulations on your new ACG for Business account. We’re here to help you guide your team on their cloud journey. First, let’s make sure you’re comfortable getting your team up and running, and ensuring they have access to everything they need to become Gurus.

Please see Setting up your admin portal to ensure you're sending customized invitations.

1. Choose the Users tab at the top of your admin dashboard

Note: If you are using SSO to authenticate users into A Cloud Guru platform, you will not see this tab in your dashboard as invitation functionality will be disabled.

This is your everything user management page.

2. Click + Invite Users in the upper right hand corner and type in the email addresses of your team to invite

After entering the email addresses, click Send invitation. This will send out the customized invitation email to each user, which they can use to create an account with A Cloud Guru. Keep in mind, you can copy and paste a whole list of emails at one time; there’s no need to enter each one individually.

Invitations expire after 14 days! You can resend if needed, but let everyone know that they have only two weeks to respond before they’ll need another email sent.

You can even give your gurus a running start by assigning them a learning path.

3. Manage your invitations

Once you send out invitations, you’ll see them as “Pending” in the Users dashboard.

You’ll also see other status labels like “Active,” "deactivated" and “Expired”. This dashboard allows you to keep tabs on all the invitations you’ve sent, so you know which users have already accepted and who may need a nudge or new invite.

  • Active = accepted the invitation and created an account
  • Pending = invitation has been sent but account not created
  • Expired = invitation was not accepted and more than 14 days old
  • Deactivated = account has been deactivated and no longer has access to the team membership

Expired Invitations

If an invitation does expire, you can easily resend it by clicking on “Resend” next to that user’s name. If you have a long list of expired invitations, you can export a CSV file, filter by expired invites, and copy and paste all those emails into a new invitation. This will update the current dashboard and will not create a duplicate.

4. Revoking an invitation or deactivating a user

Revoking An Invitation

If you no longer want to give someone access to your organization’s ACG account and they haven’t yet responded to their invitation, you can click on the “Revoke” button next to their name in the invitations dashboard. This makes the link for that invite invalid and will not allow that user to sign up for an account with your organization.

Deactivating a User

If you need to remove a user(s) - for example if someone leaves the company—you can simply choose the user(s) in your "Users" view. This method allows you to still keep their progress data for accurate reporting purposes.

Or choose to do it individual under "Actions" to the right of the user to deactivate.

You will need to confirm that you want to remove the user(s) and please keep in mind that you may see a seat reallocation limit on your confirmation.

We encourage you to discuss deactivating users ahead of time if they are staying with the company, but just in case we have a pop-up alerting them of the removal upon their next log in.

Your team will start growing. Please continue through the getting started area of the help articles to continue learning how to be a Guru at managing your team.

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