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Pluralsight Skills plan admins and team managers (depending on their permission level) can add, remove, and organize learners into teams.

This article shows you how to manage learners right in the Skills platform. However, if you’re managing large organizations, you can use a CSV upload to simplify the process and reduce human error.

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Invite learners

These instructions show how to invite learners to your team plan. You can also see Managing plan admins and Managing team managers for instructions specific to those groups.

Below are two methods for inviting learners. Take a look at each to see which will make the most sense for your needs:

  • Invite learner automatically
  • Invite learners with an invite link

Invite learners automatically

Please see Assigning licenses to new users for instructions on inviting learners automatically.

This method allows people who have an email address at a certain domain to automatically get added to your plan. All they need is a link. You can have more than one email domain registered.

Here's how to set this up:

  1. Click the Directory tab on the People page (opens in new tab).
  2. Click Add new user.
  3. Click Invite via link.
  4. If your domain is not already listed under Your registered domains, type it in the text box and click Add domain.
  5. Click Copy link to copy the invite url to your clipboard.
  6. Paste the link into a message and send to the learners you want to invite to the plan. 

Tip: You cannot enter a note when inviting learners. Notes can be entered for a learner after the invite is sent.

Note: This article does not cover the third method of distributing licenses, which is through SSO or LTI. For assistance with this, please contact Pluralsight Support (opens email form) or your Pluralsight contact.

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Monitor invite acceptance

Pending invites are invites you have sent, but that have not yet been accepted by the user. While an invite is pending, a license is reserved for that user. This reserved license reduces the number of licenses you have available on your team plan.

To reassign the license of a pending invite, you must cancel the pending invite and invite the user you want to have the license.

Available to plan admins and team managers

On the People page (opens in new tab), click the Pending Invites tab. Here, you can see a list of learners that have not accepted their invites. You can cancel or resend pending invites from this page.

Note: Expired invites will not clear out automatically. Plan admins must manually reinvite a user or send an invite to another user.

Available to plan admins only

To see who has joined the team plan, click Log (opens in new tab) in your leader tools left-hand navigation panel. The log contains information about license redemption, plan renewals, and team creation, as well as learners who’ve left the plan.

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Organize learners in a nested team

To customize your people organization, you can nest the teams you create in Skills. Creating parent and child teams helps you organize your learners in a way that more closely resembles how your organization works. It will also give you more flexibility when it comes to viewing and filtering analytics, as well as assigning managers to oversee your teams.

See Nesting teams for more information.

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Removing learners

These instructions show how to remove learners from your plan. You can also see Managing plan admins and Managing team managers for instructions specific to those groups. To remove a learner from a team—but not the plan—please see Managing teams.

Note: When you remove a learner, their Pluralsight account will remain intact, including their course history, profile settings, and any personal channels they've created. If—in the future—you re-invite them to the plan, they join another organization’s team plan, or they get their own individual subscription, they'll retain access to their account, as long as they still have access to one of the email addresses associated with it. For this reason, we recommend that users add a personal email in addition to their primary email address.

To remove learners from your Skills team plan:

  1. Click the Directory tab on the People page (opens in new tab).
  2. Select the checkbox for one or more learners.
  3. Click Actions, then click Remove from plan from the dropdown menu.
  4. To confirm the action, click Remove users.

A removed learner still has access to their account, but not the team plan. They can access their course transcript and history since it's part of their account and not contingent on the plan.

A learner's account will remain tied to the team plan until a plan admin removes it, or until the learner asks Pluralsight Support to remove it. Learners can buy an individual subscription and continue learning with their account. However, they cannot buy an individual subscription if their account is still tied to a team plan, even if that plan has expired.

Some analytics show learner data from before the learner joined the plan, or even after the learner leaves the plan. Learn more about how analytics data follows learners.

For additional information on what happens when a user is removed from a plan, see Pluralsight Skills individual accounts and team plans.

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My learner got their email but can’t log in

We sometimes hear from learners who don’t realize they need to click the Accept Invite button in the email. This also applies for managers and plan admins.

Until the learner clicks the Accept Invite button in their invite email, they haven’t joined the plan. Additionally, learners may have different error experiences after clicking Accept Invite based on:

  • License availability
  • If the learner is part of another team plan
  • If the invite was not found
  • If the learner has an individual subscription

For an explanation of what happens when learners click Accept Invite in the above scenarios, see Accepting a team plan invite.

My learner already has a subscription

You can follow the same invite process. When they get their email and click the link to create an account, they'll have the option to continue with their existing login information. 

In some scenarios, they'll be prompted to contact Support. We have 24/7 support that will get back to your learner to help them cancel their existing subscription and, if applicable, get a refund so they can join your team plan.

Please note that we cannot cancel an individual’s subscription except at the individual’s request. Plan admins and team managers cannot request that Support cancel an individual’s subscription.

My learner already had an account and now they’ve made a new account by accepting an invite

We cannot combine or merge two accounts. Please have them contact Pluralsight Support (opens email form). We can assist with this deletion and re-invitation process.

In the future, feel free to share the correct way to accept an invite for this scenario, which avoids making two accounts for one person.

The link in the invite email doesn’t work

There are two reasons your invite link may not work:

  • You've already used the link to redeem your license
  • You're using an expired link

If you already redeemed the invite, make sure you're logging in through the Pluralsight login page (opens in new tab).

You might be using an expired link. Invites expire 15 days after they were sent. An invite reminder is automatically sent before the expiration date. After the expiration period, the plan admin or team manager will need to resend the invite.

My learner didn’t get an invite email

If your learner did not receive your invite, please take these steps:

  1. Ask your learner to check their spam folder for emails from
  2. Please make sure you do not have any rules that would route emails from to your spam folder or immediately delete the email. See our allowlist article for more information.
  3. Confirm that your learner was invited to the plan.
  4. If you haven’t been able to locate the email, please contact Pluralsight Support (opens email form) with the learner’s name and email address so we can send your learner the invite link.

Alternatively, click the Pending invites tab on the People page (opens in new tab).

Click the Invite Link icon to copy the invite URL for the desired user. You can send the link directly to the user without having to send an email through Pluralsight.

My learner got this error: "Oops! Looks like there's a problem..."

Here are possible causes for this error:

They’ve already accepted your invite and they’re trying to sign in again using the invite link.Ask your learner to sign in from the Pluralsight login page (opens in new tab). Invite links are one-time use only.
Their invite was issued more than 15 days ago.Ask the internal plan admin or team manager to reissue the invite. Invite links expire after 15 days.
The internal plan admin or team manager canceled the invite.Ask the internal plan admin or team manager to reissue the invite.
The team plan is full.Try removing licenses from learners who have left the plan. Or, contact your Pluralsight contact to add more licenses to your team plan.

My learner got this error: "Sorry! We are unable to set up your company subscription..."

Your learner may get this error if their existing account is tied to another team plan or an active individual subscription, which prevents them from joining the team plan.

Solution: On that same error screen, they can click Request support, and they’ll receive an email from Pluralsight Support with instructions.

If they’ve already navigated away from the error page, please ask them to contact Pluralsight Support (see link, below).

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.