Pluralsight partners with other companies in the tech industry to bring our platform to even more learners. If you've purchased a Pluralsight subscription through one of Pluralsight's partnerships and you're looking for help, here's where to find it.

Note: If you purchased your Pluralsight subscription through a third party, such as iTunes or Unity, please reach out to that company to manage your subscription.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Users of Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise, Professional, and Dev Essentials may qualify for access to courses on Pluralsight. Explore the benefits and courses available.

Microsoft Azure

Hit the ground running with Azure training provided by Pluralsight to grow in your skills and confidence for your job.

Microsoft Azure for Students

For students, Azure training provided by Pluralsight to grow in your skills and confidence for your job.


We’re helping teachers by partnering with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) to give free access to courses that align to national computer science certification exams, as well as discounted access to our entire platform.

Google Reskilling India Program

Registration for this benefit has ended. In 2018, developers in India were be eligible to redeem one of four reskilling opportunities at Pluralsight, made possible by Google India.

Learn Google Cloud with Qwiklabs

Prepare for the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam with Pluralsight courses and Qwiklabs hands-on labs.

Grow with Google

Grow with Google has sponsored 30,000 developers in Africa to receive education from Pluralsight, supported by the Andela Learning Community.


The Unity Game Development: Swords and Shovels courses are a collection of four paths carefully selected by Unity and Pluralsight.