Pluralsight partners with other companies in the tech industry to bring our platform to even more learners. If you've purchased a Pluralsight subscription through one of Pluralsight's partnerships and you're looking for help, here's where to find it.

Note: If you purchased your Pluralsight subscription through a third party, such as iTunes or Unity, please reach out to that company to manage your subscription.


The Unity Game Development: Swords and Shovels limited-access subscription, is a collection of courses carefully selected by Unity and Pluralsight. Watch for more courses being added to this subscription throughout 2018!


How do I access free courses through Microsoft Azure?
If you're used to accessing Pluralsight through this page on Microsoft Azure , and you get this message: "'Your current plan doesn't allow access to this course" -- or maybe you can play the introduction of the course, but not...
Does Pluralsight support Microsoft Imagine to provide benefits to students?
Pluralsight is proud to partner with Microsoft Imagine, formerly called Dreamspark, to provide all verified Imagine members a free 90 day subscription. Once you sign in to Microsoft and you have your Imagine code , you can redeem it here . ...
I created an account on Digital Tutors, how do I renew?
Your account is available by logging into Pluralsight . You’re automatically set to renew through your Pluralsight account. To change your billing method, click for the Pluralsight billing section of your account. To use Pluralsight’s ...
Do you offer complimentary subscriptions for Microsoft MVP's, Microsoft RD's, or VMware vExperts?
Yes! If you are a Microsoft MVP or RD, or a VMWare vExpert, please fill out this form with a link to your expert profile through Microsoft or VMWare, to receive a complimentary annual subscription. ...