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A Cloud Guru maintains two places to check for additional information and ask for assistance: this Help Center and the Community Discussion Forums (opens in new tab). This article is how to make use of the Forums to get good answers.

1. Check if your question has already been answered

If you are questioning it, chances are someone else has or is still questioning it too!

If you are in a lecture,

or in the Discussion Forum main page,

you can search the forums for keywords. For example: WCU, WCU DynamoDB, S3 0 byte, or White paper.

Note: Key words are not interpreted in context, so you may find some surprising and unexpected results to your search. Take a moment to read some as they can be very interesting.

2. Ask the Community

If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can ask the community for their thoughts on the technical or learning problem.

  • Go to the Community Discussion Forums (opens in new tab)
  • Find the room you would like to post a question in. We have a room for every course in our platform. You can search for a room by doing a quick keyword search or by clicking More Rooms.
  • Once you are in a room, you can click the Ask the Community button
  • You will be prompted to look in case your question has been asked before. If you are sure your question has not been posted previously, then click the Ask the Community button again.
  • This will provide you with a simple question form to complete.

Some hints for success:

  1. Do not ask or post any personal or account information in the forum! This is a 'public' forum and all personally identifying issues should go through the Support Form (opens request form).
  2. Keep the TITLE between 5 to 10 words max, but interesting. Take a moment to think carefully about what you really need to understand.
  3. Select 3 or 4 related TOPICS. This will help group your question with other related questions and increase the chance that someone with relevant knowledge will find it and help you.
  4. The QUESTION. Take a moment to consider what you are asking, and what information you can share that will help others to help you. For example: Simply saying "my script gave the wrong answer" will not provide enough information where others can help you.

    Tell us:

    • What course and what lecture (attach the lesson URL)
    • What was the intent of the script (provide us with a short sample if necessary)
    • What you have done to try and diagnose the issue yourself
  5. Stay on topic and stick to facts!
  6. One question per post. If you ask multiple questions people will normally only answer one and forget to go back and answer the others.
  7. Do not post exam or test questions and ask others to solve it for you. If you want to discuss a confusing aspect of a question, then share your answer and why you think it is right, wrong, or confusing. Questions dumped in the forum without some discussion will be deleted by moderators.
  8. Make you post clear and easy to read. The Community Forum supports most forms of MarkDown (MD) formatting, so use that to make it easy to read.

    In particular if you are including code or log snippets use the correct formatting.


  9. Finally remember that there is a professional standard of conduct expected. Be professional and you will find others will be more than happy to help!

As noted previously, most of the people who see your post will be peers and alumni who have the experience and desire to help. There are also Moderators and Lectures on the site who will also get involved if it is particularly complex, or they feel that additional help is needed. Unfortunately, due to the volume of posts the moderators and lecturers don't get to see every question. If you have not had a response that has allowed you to solve your question and move on after three work days, please submit the URL of your question and a polite message on our Support Form (opens request form) and someone will review it and provide what advice they can.

(Please also provide your real name and email address in that message to Support so that we know who we are working with.)

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