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Once you are logged into your account, you can find a list of available practice exams (opens in new tab).

About Practice Exams

Prepare yourself to confidently face the pressures of the real Cloud Certification exams. Answer similar style questions in the same format and time as the real exam. All questions are mixed to mimic the same vendor blueprint. This will give you a more accurate outcome so you’ll know which areas you’re strong in and which areas need more focus. The report will also give you recommendations on how to increase your score.

Locating Practice Exams

The practice exam can be found either next to the Course Outline of each available course.

Note: Only users with an active ACG Membership can take advantage of the practice exam.

Didn’t get the score you hoped for? Never fear, practice exams have unlimited attempts. You can brush up on those focus areas and return for a do-over at any time.

We're continuously updating the practice exam questions and adding new ones so you can confidently become A Cloud Guru.

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