Skills release notes: October 2020

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Cloud labs

New to Skills, Cloud labs enable hands-on practice in a provided cloud environment. Each lab includes challenges with step-by-step instructions and access to pre-configured environments.

Google Cloud self-paced labs, powered by Qwiklabs

New to Skills, Google Cloud self-paced labs provide access to real cloud environments helping you learn cloud platforms and software. These are self-paced, stand-alone labs that don’t require you to watch any video courses. They focus on teaching you a skill over requiring you to complete a task.


Channels groups

Now you can organize your channels into personal channel groups. Channel groups allow you to structure your channels thematically (for example, around a specific initiative or set of skills), sequentially (for example, from beginner to advanced topics to help you learn the right skills in the right order), or however you choose.

Channels navigation

The My channels, Company channels, and Archive tabs have moved from the top to the left-hand side on the channels page (opens in new tab). This makes it easier to find the channels you’re looking for, especially if you use channel groups or if your organization uses priorities.


Now you can earn badges for your learning. Badges help you stay committed to your learning goals and celebrate your accomplishments while developing new and deeper skills.

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Leader releases

New to Skills, priorities allow you to align your organization’s skill development to business objectives, accelerate growth, and monitor progress over time.

Within each priority, you can give teams context on what skills they need to build to achieve business objectives. From there, you can use curated templates with content and assessments organized in channel groups.

Priorities provide skill-progress insights for your teams, helping you ensure progress toward your tech goals. As learners begin to develop and assess their skills, you can feel confident your teams can deliver with insight into how skills are progressing over time.

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Mobile and offline apps

Android and iOS

If you use the Android or iOS Pluralsight app and you’ve set a goal on Skills, you can see your progress toward that goal in the mobile app. If you’d like to edit your goal, you can do it from a browser on your learner homepage (opens in new tab).

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