Your website looks broken, what do I do?
We're really sorry about this! There are a couple of things that could help here. First, make sure you’re using a supported browser (IE10+ or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). Do you have a corporate firewall that might ...
Why is my browser warning me that your certificate is invalid?
Some of the pages on our website run over HTTPS (using SSL) to protect your password and other profile information from eavesdroppers. In order for SSL to work, your device must trust our SSL certificate. To be more precise, it must trust the cert o...
Mentoring audio & video issues
How do I report a bug I've found on your website?
Good question! If you come across a potential bug on Pluralsight, please reach out to our support team at Note: We do not have a bug bounty program at this time. If possible, please include a screenshot, description, ...