Troubleshooting & common questions


How do I redeem an offer code?

How do I cancel my individual subscription?

When I try to activate my Visual Studio Benefit, it's saying it's been redeemed. What should I do?


How do I change my primary email address? Can I tie multiple email addresses to my account?

How do I reset my password?

How do I delete my account?

Why am I running into an error when trying to access Pluralsight?

Skill assessments and Skill IQ

What do Skill IQ rankings mean?

How accurate is Skill IQ?

How does Skill IQ know where a learner should start in a skill path?

Who can see my Skill IQ? Can I see others' Skill IQs?

What should I do when a skill assessment has been retired?


What mobile and offline systems does Pluralsight support?

How do I use single sign-on (SSO) or device authorization to log in to the Pluralsight Android or iOS mobile app?

How do I use device authorization or single sign-on (SSO) to sign in to the macOS or Windows app?


How does analytics follow learners in a group plan?

What can a team manager see in analytics, compared to a plan admin?

What is the difference between course completion and view time?

How do I automate reporting with the Reports API?

How current is analytics data?

Invites & Licenses

How do I accept a group plan invitation? What if I already have a subscription?

How do I change a learner's email address?

How do I invite someone to a business plan?

How do I add or remove licenses to a group plan? How do I renew my group plan?

Organizing and assigning content

How do I create a channel and add content?

How do I add channel members, contributors, and owners?

Understanding the different roles in channels

How can I assign specific content to my team members?


How do I solve issues with video playback?

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