I'm a Visual Studio Enterprise user. What can I get on Pluralsight, & how do I redeem it?

As a Visual Studio Enterprise user, you have six months of free access to the Pluralsight library. 

What learning tools do I get access to?

You’ll be able to use Skill IQ, Role IQ, paths, channels, and even learn offline or on-the-go with Pluralsight’s mobile and offline apps.

Premium features including Kaplan certification practice exams, interactive courses, and projects are not part of this benefit.

What courses do I get access to?

All video courses on Pluralsight, except courses on AWS or Google Cloud.

How do I redeem the Visual Studio Enterprise benefit?

Visit my.visualstudio.com or http://aka.ms/mymsdnbenefits and click the Pluralsight benefit. From that portal, you’ll use a Pluralsight form to to activate the Pluralsight benefit.

If you already have a Pluralsight account, please use the email address tied to your account, so we can link the benefit to your existing account.

Please contact us at support@pluralsight.com with any issues or questions.

Important: This benefit is only available to Visual Studio Enterprise users; it's not available for Visual Studio Professional or Dev Essentials, MPN, BizSpark, DreamSpark, MCT Developer Software & Services, or MCT Software & Services subscribers.

How many times can I redeem this benefit?

You can redeem a Pluralsight benefit once during each Visual Studio subscription period.

For example, if you just started a three-year Visual Studio subscription, you can redeem this six-month benefit now. Then, the next time you can redeem it is after your next subscription period begins, in three years.