Does Pluralsight offer ways to measure skills?

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Yes, Pluralsight IQ measures skill levels in an adaptive test that takes less than five minutes. Many of our paths are associated with a Skill IQ. Paths designed to prepare learners for certifications typically have a Kaplan practice exam associated with the path, instead of a Skill IQ.

Learners get a rating from 0-300 on a skill level of novice, proficient or expert. Please click here to learn more about Pluralsight IQ and Skill IQ.

Learning checks are a quick way for learners to check their comprehension of a course. While Skill IQ may ask about concepts from a large number of courses in a path, learning checks, created by the course author, are limited to one course. Learners can review their results and re-take the learning check. 

Learners can generate certificates of completion for content on Pluralsight Skills, which may be submitted for CEU or PDU credit depending on the education program. Please see What continuing education programs is Pluralsight authorized for? for a list of programs that accept Pluralsight content as credit.

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