Chapter 2—Make it a habit

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Now that you've set up your Skills account and started exploring, let's look at ways you can build learning into your weekly routine, level up your tech skills, and get the most from the platform.

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Make skilling up a priority

With deadlines looming and projects waiting for your attention, it can be a challenge finding time to sharpen your saw. Yet waiting until a project lands on your desk that requires learning a new skill can add unnecessary stress to your already busy day.

On the other hand, taking a few hours or even minutes each week to build your skill base can provide an enormous ROI. Growing your tech skills now can result in enhanced productivity, job satisfaction, and earning capacity. Using Skills’ mobile, desktop, and TV apps can completely transform a lunch break or commute.

Skills makes it easy to set your own personal learning goals—visible only to you—right from your home page (opens in new tab) or your profile page (opens in new tab). During the week, you can check your progress towards your goal, and adjust it at any time.

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See the following articles for ideas on making learning part of your own routine and increasing the culture of learning in your organization:

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Find content to fuel your goals

So you just finished an awesome course. Now what? With all of the content available, it can be easy to lose sight of the goals that brought you here in the first place.

We provide multiple ways to find the content you need to drive your Skills goals. You can receive a personalized skill analysis with custom, dynamic recommendations based on your strengths and skill gaps. And each time you complete a course, you get recommendations tailored for you.

Browse (opens in new tab) is the gateway to explore paths (opens in new tab), roles (opens in new tab), video courses (opens in new tab), and more. New content is added weekly and you can sort by New Releases or Most Popular.

Skills offers content in multiple formats to maximize your learning experience:

  • Video courses: Like to learn at your own pace? Tools like bookmarks, discussion boards, exercise files, notes, and learning checks can help you learn efficiently, retain knowledge, and measure your new skills. If you're having trouble with finding time to learn, try using Schedule reminder. This helps you schedule a course directly to your calendar. And be sure to check out the following specialized video courses:
  • Interactive courses (opens in new tab) (premium and team plans only): Want to try out your new skills? Practice as you learn with hands-on coding challenges and guided feedback.
  • Projects (opens in new tab) (premium and team plans only): Up for a challenge? Projects are for the dev who’s ready to put their new skills to the test, providing feedback during real-life coding tasks.
  • Qwiklabs (opens in new tab): Ready to gear up for your ACE exam or just get more proficient in Google Cloud? Through Skills’ partnership with Google Cloud, you can get real cloud environment credentials and labs.
  • Guides (opens in new tab): Want to solve a problem—not gain a whole new skill? Copy our code and follow the steps to build something today in popular languages like C#, Javascript, React, Angular, SQL, and more.

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Organize and prioritize your content

So now you've found some killer content to support your skilling-up goals. You can use channels (opens in new tab) to organize and prioritize your learning experience. Combine courses, paths, and even external content to create a custom learning journey.

We talked about channels in the previous article, but now let’s take it a step further.

There's no wrong way to organize your channels. Choose the way that works best for your style of learning. Many like to create a channel for each skill they want to master. Others like to create a channel to support each individual goal.

Once you've got content in your channels, you can drag and drop any item up or down to your desired location. You can add sections to your channel for more custom organization of your content (think sub-skills or sub-goals). And you can collapse or expand sections to help you focus on the task at hand.

You can create your own channels, share them with others, and use channels shared with you by your team manager or colleagues. You have control over your learning experience, and channels help you skill up faster.

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Get help when you need it

Have a question we haven’t covered yet? We're here to help.

Chances are, the answer to your question is here in the Help Center. Be sure to check out What’s my role to learn how the different Help Center articles apply to you. And check our Release notes often to see what new features can help you meet your goals.

Browse the articles using the navigation menu on the left (you'll need to scroll up to see it). Or type your question in the How can we help you box in the top left corner.

Still need help? Use the Submit a ticket button in the top right corner for 24x7 support to get you back on track and skilling up.

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What's next

This article taught you how to leverage Pluralsight to skill up and reach your goals. We're excited to see where you'll go next.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.