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At A Cloud Guru we have students from all walks of life from subject matter experts looking to expand their skill sets to IT novices trying to get a foothold. No matter your background, we understand that it can be overwhelming to know where to start with a new platform. So, we’ve compiled some steps to help start you on your path to becoming a Cloud Guru.

Getting started

  1. Build a solid foundation

    Cloud is a completely different way of using resources and delivering services. Just as understanding biology is key to becoming a doctor, understanding the building blocks and the philosophies behind Cloud is key to both successful use and further study. Whether you're an IT veteran, or just starting out, we recommend the following introductory courses.
  2. Try our learning paths

    Learning Paths are recommended paths through our course catalog geared for specific disciplines. By following a Learning Path, you can be sure you're on the right track to reaching your Cloud goals. For more information, check out the article How can I start a learning path.
  3. Choose your provider associate courses

    Choose your preferred Cloud provider and get started with a few of their associate courses.

    AWS Associate Courses

  4. GCP Associate Course

  5. Azure Associate Courses

  6. Dive deeper

    Once you’ve completed the associate courses, I we recommend that you take two Deep Dive (opens in new tab) courses. One should be what you are least competent in, and the other what you enjoy the most. Deep Dive courses provide you with a better understanding of your chosen Cloud provider as well as insight into your skills and interests.
  7. Make a plan

    Once you’ve expanded your knowledge, you’ll need to decide if you want to pursue professional certifications,. You may also want to decide whether to become a multi-Cloud practitioner, or to focus on one or more speciality areas within a single Cloud provider.

I've made a plan. What's next?

  • Register for Cloud news: Now that you’ve made a plan it’s time to start connecting with the industry and get ready to succeed. We compile news and updates from the top Cloud providers at a weekly or monthly cadence and deliver them right to your inbox. All you need to do is register for your preferred provider’s news and voila.

  • Keep learning: Whether preparing for a certification or just beefing up on some skills in general, you can always take advantage of the unlimited courses, exams, and hands-on labs offered through your ACG membership plan. Also, keep an eye out for specialized content like "Alexa Devs" (opens in new tab).

No matter what your Cloud goals are, ACG is here to support. Curious about what IT Roles are out there? Check out a thought provoking article on IT roles. The possibilities are endless.

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