Why do those in a non-technical role need to know cloud?

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Why should non-technical staff understand Cloud services?

Cloud implementations are not purely a technical matter that has no impact on the rest of the organisation. To reap the benefits that Cloud offers, changes are often needed in the broader organization, including project planning philosophies, staff management, and financial management strategies.

The first step is to understanding the potential benefits and what is needed to achieve these benefits.

As a manager or non-technical officer what can I study?

Start with a mix of short courses and informative articles. Then consolidate it with a foundation certification course.

The following short courses will give you a broad view of what the main vendors are offering and some insight into the business advantages they offer.

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS
  • Introduction to GCP
  • Introduction to Azure

See the course catalog (opens in new tab) for links to the latest courses.

To get a better understanding of how the broader industry is using these products, make use of these series. The Biographies in particular provide insight into how these technologies are changing businesses and how people use information.

When you have a good feel for the landscape and want to test your understanding, or want get an endorsement to show your capability, do the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (opens in new tab) course and exam.

From there with a good foundation in cloud concepts and issues review the Vendor documentation and case studies on Cost Control, Migration strategies, Business Transformation. And look courses which are targeted at your area of interest.




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