Chapter 6—Encourage continued learning

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There are many ways to be successful with ACG and help your learners learn faster. Take this opportunity to evaluate where you are, how you’ve succeeded, and where you’ll go next.

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Revisit your plan for success

Review the questions from when you made a plan for success. What’s changed? What have you accomplished?

Having people grow their skills is a continuous process. Every time you reach one goal, there’ll be another one to tackle. Sometimes your goals will shift. Take the time to evaluate where your organization is at and decide where you want to go next — then take the steps to get there.

You might want to invite new learners, reorganize your teams, or look at something different in reports. Or maybe you want to keep doing what’s working for you. Whatever your decision, make sure you know what success looks like and how you’ll get there.

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Recognize your standout learners and celebrate wins

Recognition is a great way to show your learners you see their efforts. Here are a few ideas for recognition:

  • Use ACG’s reports to see who has received certifications, who is making significant progress in their courses, or who uses Hands-on labs the most.
  • Take the time to recognize learner achievements in 1:1s, all-hands meetings, or other places where they would feel appreciated.
  • Ask your standout learners what’s made them successful. Use insights from these conversations to guide you as you encourage your other learners towards greater success.
  • Celebrate the big wins together.

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Next steps

  • Stay ahead of the tech curve. Check out our release notes to introduce you to what’s new in Pluralsight Skills and ACG.
  • Ask yourself some discovery questions:
    • Where did you succeed? How can you replicate it?
    • What opportunities do you have for improvement?
    • Where was usage low? Why was that?
    • Where was usage high? Why was that?
    • Who else in your organization should have access to ACG? How can you include them?
  • Review the tools available to you, both in the Admin Success Center and in the ACG platform.

Once you’ve gone through these steps you might discover new ways  to incorporate existing ACG and Admin Success Center resources into your experience.. Find ways to incorporate your insights and keep learning.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.