Chapter 5—Report progress

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Now that you’ve invited your students, organized them, and started to guide their learning, it’s time to check in on their progress with reports.

ACG reports

The ACG platform provides several reports to measure and demonstrate your learners’ progress and learning outcomes. Instructions for generating and using reports can be found in the article Using Your Reporting Options article.

Reports provide information about how your learners are progressing in their studies. They also provide useful insights to help you make decisions on how to refine your learning programs as you continue to use A Cloud Guru.

You can generate and export reports on an organizational, team and individual level. You can also create specific cohorts using Reporting Groups.

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Reporting groups

Reporting groups allow you to gain insightful, comparative data about groups within your organization. Unlike Teams, a student can belong to multiple reporting groups at the same time. This means you can look at the same student within multiple groups of people, including:

  • Role type or potential role type
  • Teams or departments
  • Experience levels
  • Geographic Regions or timezone

You’ll be able to track each Reporting group you create. Instructions for creating Reporting groups can be found in the How to Create a Reporting Group article.

Important: You can only filter by Reporting groups for Courses, Engagement and Certifications reports.

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Report types

CertificationThe certification report provides a bird’s eye view of how many certifications are being earned and uploaded throughout your organization.
CoursesThe courses report displays all of the courses that your learners have started. Selecting each course provides additional Engagement data, as well as Practice Exam attempts. Export the CSV for additional activity data.
EngagementThe engagement report details how many learners are currently engaging with the platform, at the organizational and individual level, along with lessons completed. Export the CSV for additional activity data.
OnboardingThe Onboarding report shows how many invited learners have actually activated their accounts, started a course, and completed a course. Data is displayed in selectable time periods, letting you choose from the last 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months.
Cloud playgroundThe cloud playground report measures usage within a time period of features in the Cloud Playground for each learners.
Hands-on-labsThe hands-on labs report measures usage within a time period of Hands-on lab attempts for each learner.
Reporting groupsAllows you to create and track cohort user groups.

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Accessing the API

Reports and other management functions are accessible through the ACG API. This can be used to assist integration, automation, or customized interfaces with your own business systems. Learn more about Connecting your team's data to your business intelligence tool.

Important: API access is available for Business Plus plans.

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What's next

Chapter 6: Encourage continued learning. Explore ways to keep making progress with A Cloud Guru.

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