Creating and managing teams

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There may be one ring to rule them all, but one administrator can't manage the entire team alone! This is why we've created the new Teams feature within your ACG for Business Plus licenses.

Note: Teams are only available for Business Plus

What is the Teams feature?

Teams is a feature that allows you, as an organization admin, to create cohorts of all of your users. You can then assign each cohort a Team Coordinatorwho will be able to view reporting, create Study Groups, and assign Learning Paths to their cohort or team.

Don't need the Team Coordinator to have student access? We got you covered! Learn more about student access here.

What is the difference between an Admin and a Team Coordinator?

Organisation admin:

Team coordinator:

1. Create your Team(s)!

Navigate to the "Teams" tab in your dashboard.

Click on the blue "Add a team" button to open the Manage Teams panel and begin creating Teams.

Add a team name and click "Save" to create your first team.Yay!

To add more teams, click on "+ manage teams" button on the top left.

You should now be able to see all your teams within the Teams tab.

2. Add individuals to your Team(s).

Single/Multiple Users:

Head over to your "Teams" tab. Click on "Add Users" under "Actions" on the right-hand side.

Click on "Search User" on the right-hand side. Search for the user you'd like to add. If you'd like to add more than one user at a time, you can click on the box next to all of the users you'd like to add.

By default, only users that are not yet in a team are shown. To see all users, click on the 'x' next to the "no teams" filter shown above.

3. Assign a Team Coordinator

Back in your "Users" tab, click the three dots to the right of the user you'd like to have as a Team Coordinator.

Choose "Change Role"

Choose the "Team coordinator" role option and click "Save".

The Team Coordinator will see the team dashboard when they click on "Manage Your Team" at the top of their home dashboard. This will only show them reporting and stats relating to their assigned team members.

4. Removing People from a Team

Head to the "Teams" tab. Click on the team for which you would like to remove a user. Click the three dots to the right of the user under "Actions" and click "Remove From Team."

5. Removing a Team

Headto the "Teams" tab. Click on "+ manage teams" and click on the bin next to the team you would like to remove.

You now have a team that is manageable with the right people getting the right information. Goals will be met, executives will be happy and your team won't skip a beat.

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