Logging in to Skills using single sign-on (SSO) for the first time

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Some team plans choose to have their users log in to Pluralsight Skills via single sign-on (SSO). This allows learners to log in to Skills from their organization's app catalog or from a specific URL rather than logging in from pluralsight.com.

The first time you log in to Skills via SSO, you'll have to follow a few steps to make sure your account is set up correctly. Once you do this, you can log in to Skills via SSO quickly and easily.

Who can use this?

Learners:  +++
Managers:  +++
Admins:  +++
+ Available as a plan add-on. Contact
your account manager for details.


If your plan has SSO with auto-provisioning disabled, your first login experience will be slightly different from the experience outlined here. See Logging in to Skills using single sign-on (SSO) without auto-provisioning for details.

Logging in via SSO for the first time as a new Skills user

If you've never had a Pluralsight account before, you'll need to create one to access Skills. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Pluralsight from your organization's URL or app catalog. In most cases, the URL will look like app.pluralsight.com/sso/organizationname.
  2. Follow the steps to authenticate. Once you're successfully authenticated, you'll be directed to an account creation form with your personal information pre-populated.
  3. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, then click Create account.

By completing these steps, you’ll have created your account and been assigned a license. You’ll be directed to the Pluralsight Skills home page.

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Logging in via SSO for the first time if you have an existing Skills account

  1. Navigate to Pluralsight from your organization's URL or app catalog.
    • If your organization used the same email as your existing Skills account to set up SSO, your account will automatically be recognized and successfully log in to Skills.
    • If your existing Skills account email does not match the email your organization used to set up SSO, you’ll be directed to the account creation page.
  2. Click Sign in under Already have an account?

Important: This step is critical if you want to link your existing account to your organization’s SSO.

  1. You'll be prompted to enter your existing Skills account username/email and password to join your SSO authorization request with your existing Skills account. This is only required once.

Note: If your plan opts to disable username and password in the future, you will not be able to log in with this username and password. Instead, you'll log in using SSO. If you try to log in with your username and password, you'll receive an error message telling you that your password is disabled.

Once you're successfully logged in, you'll be directed to the Skills home page.

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Accessing Skills via SSO

Once SSO is set up for your plan, any SSO-enabled URL will direct you to your organization's SSO authentication page if you're not already authenticated. You can also access Skills directly from your organization's SSO app catalog, where applicable.

Once your account is set up, logging in from your organization's URL or SSO app catalog will take you directly to the Skills home page.

Note: If the SSO-enabled URL you access is for a specific resource on Skills—like a channel, path, or course—you'll go directly to that resource after authenticating instead of to the home page.

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