Custom learning paths

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Custom learning paths

Need training, and want your students spending time on courses that are the most relevant to your needs? Custom Learning Paths are here to help! Pick and choose courses for your students to study that are tailored to your specific needs, and watch your students progress through the path!

Note: Custom Learning Paths are exclusive to the Business Plus membership.

What is a custom learning path?

Custom Learning Paths are course lists designed by admins or team coordinators that pave a pathway for your students to study.

How can I create a learning path?

Right from your admin or team coordinator dashboard!

Select Learning Paths at the top of the admin dashboard.

Find the option to create a path on the right side of the screen.

Name your Learning Path, add a description, and select the courses that best fit your needs.

Preview your Learning Path by saving your draft and selecting Preview in the top right.


Ready to Publish? Save your changes and Select Publish!

A prompt to confirm the details of the Customer Learning Path will appear:

Select Publish and your Custom Learning Path will be available to all users within your Organization.

Select Publish and add users to assign students to the Custom Learning Path.

How can my learners join a learning path?

After a custom learning path is created, all students in your organization can access the Custom Learning Path through the Browse page in the Student Dashboard.

Your students will be able to select the Start path option and begin learning right away!

Assigning a custom learning path

In addition to the students joining paths themselves, you also have the option to assign specific students to a path. You can assign students to A Custom Learning Path when creating the Custom Learning Path or adding students at a later point.

To add students at a later point:

  1. Select Learning Paths from the Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select Manage on the Custom Learning Path you are assigning.
  3. Select Add Students.
  4. Assign students to the Custom Learning Path!

Once assigned, students will see the Custom Learning Path on their dashboard along with receiving an email confirmation.

Have questions, feedback or need further help? Reach out to Pluralsight Support (opens email form) and we'll be happy to help.

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