Logging in using single sign-on (SSO) without auto-provisioning

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In some cases, the auto-provisioning feature of SSO will be disabled and the Invite New User process will be relied on to give access to Pluralsight.

This means that users joining the plan via SSO should follow the new user invitation process by accepting an email invitation.

Note: If this option is exercised, the plan admin should delete any domains that have been approved in the Share link instead feature of the Invite New User process.

What does the invitation process look like?

After a plan admin sends an invite to the user by clicking Invite New User from the People page, the user will receive an email invitation from Pluralsight. The user should click Accept Invite.

Important: If a new user who has never had a Pluralsight account attempts to access Pluralsight via SSO directly instead of by the email invite and auto-provisioning is disabled, they will get a No account found error. They need to go to their email to accept their invitation and create an account.

Next, the user will arrive at a screen asking them to either Sign in or Create my account.

Important: When you arrive at this page, the Company email field will be pre-populated with your email address. You cannot change the email address in this field.

Depending on whether they already have a Pluralsight account, their steps to redeem their license may be different. They can follow along with our article on how to accept an invitation to redeem their license.

Note: Some users may need to set a password during the license redemption process. For plans that opt to disable passwords for their users, the password created during the invite redemption process will not be used after account creation. If you try to log in with a username and password, you will receive a message saying your password is disabled.

Logging in after accepting the invitation

After the user successfully redeems their license, they should access Pluralsight via their SSO app catalog, if applicable, or by using the SSO-enabled URL provided by Pluralsight. The URL will look something like app.pluralsight.com/sso/companyname.

Note: The SSO identifier is usually the company's domain without the .com.

After redeeming their license, a user may prefer to access Pluralsight via SSO from pluralsight.com directly. They can do that by following these steps.

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