Logging in to Pluralsight using SSO

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Pluralsight users on single sign-on (SSO)-enabled team plans should log in to Pluralsight by using their SSO app catalog (where applicable) or an SSO-enabled URL provided by Pluralsight.

A company SSO URL typically looks like app.pluralsight.com/sso/organizationname.

Who can use this?

Learners:  +++
Managers:  +++
Admins:  +++
+ Available as a plan add-on. Contact
your account manager for details.

If you're on an SSO-enabled team plan and would prefer to log in on pluralsight.com instead of through your organization's SSO app catalog or SSO URL, you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Go to pluralsight.com (opens in new tab) and click Sign in.
  2. Click Sign in with Skills.
  3. Click Sign in with company or school.
  4. On the next page, enter your organization's URL, then click Sign in.

    Note: The URL should look something like organizationname.com. You can also use your organization's name as it appears in your SSO URL.

  5. If you are not logged in to your SSO provider, you will be redirected to your provider to finalize your login.

You can also log in to our mobile apps or our macOS desktop app using SSO.

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