Upcoming courses

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Our content team is working hard to bring exciting new courses and content to our platform. There would be updates constantly with how quickly they move and information changes.

While we may not be able to announce all of these yet, popular topics like Amazon Alexa, Serverless Computing and Azure are just a few of the areas we're planning to expand into for more courses. You can find these updates in our ACG Insider emails that go out monthly.

However, we're always open to feedback.

If you've got any thoughts or suggestions for new content, be it a small ACG project or a full-length certification course, why not let us know? You can send feedback in current lessons by using the "flag" in the bottom right corner of a lesson, or you can use our contact form on the main help page under request a new feature or update.

If you're a subject matter expert and want to teach a course or topic of interest, we'd love to hear from you as well! We're always looking for new instructors both full time and freelance. More details can be found on our careers page (opens in new tab).

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