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It's easy to gain all the insights into your billing information for your ACG for Business account. Let’s run through how to become a billing guru!

Note: this article only applies to self-serve organizations. If you pay via invoice/purchase order or marketplace, contact your sales representative for billing details or questions.

  1. Click your avatar in the upper right corner, then click Billing from the dropdown list.

  2. You can now navigate between four tabs to update your billing information

    • The Plan tab allows you to add more seats, disable auto-renew, and view a history of billing events.
      Want to add more seats? This article will walk you through the process.

      Note: Although you can view both plans, only the Business Basic Plan is available through self-serve. If you would like to upgrade your plan to Business Plus, please contact your Sales Guru. They’ll get you taken care of.

      Important: If you disable auto-renew, you'll lose all access to courses and data at the end of your contract.

    • The Billing details tab allows you to update your organization’s billing contact and address information. This is the information shown on invoices. You can update these details at any time.

    • The Payment details tab allows you to update your card information. Click Update card to get started.

      Note: Currently, all ACG for Business purchased online must be paid with a credit card. Verify your card information, then click Save credit card to lock it in.

    • The Invoice history tab allows you to view all of your current and previous invoices. From here you can confirm invoice amounts, confirm payments, and download invoices as needed.

You're managing your ACG for Business account like a guru. 

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