I have questions before I purchase a business subscription

Have questions about Pluralsight's platform or pricing before you make a decision?

Here are common questions and answers that can help you—or your boss—choose how to move forward.

What's the cost of a business plan?

What's the difference between business plans and individual subscriptions?

Do you offer volume pricing?

How can I pay for a business plan?

How do I cancel a group plan?

How many licenses should I purchase for my plan?

Is Pluralsight an LMS? Can Pluralsight integrate with my LMS?

Do you offer discounts for schools or educators?

Do you offer a pilot for business plans?

How do I cancel my business pilot?

What technologies do Pluralsight courses cover?

Who authors Pluralsight content?

How can I assign specific content to my team members?

How does Pluralsight help my team with certifications?

Does Pluralsight offer ways to measure skills?

What analytics do I see as a plan admin?

If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.