Single sign-on (SSO)

If you're on an SSO-enabled team plan, you can use SSO to log in to Skills. You can also use SSO to log in to our Android or iOS mobile app or our macOS desktop app.


Logging in to Pluralsight using SSO
Pluralsight users on single sign-on (SSO)-enabled team plans should log in to Pluralsight by using their SSO app catalog (where applicable) or an SSO-enabled URL provided by Pluralsight. A company SSO URL typically looks like
Logging in to Skills using single sign-on (SSO) for the first time
Some team plans choose to have their users log in to Pluralsight Skills via single sign-on (SSO). This allows learners to log in to Skills from their organization's app catalog or from a specific URL rather than logging in from
Logging in to Skills using single sign-on (SSO) without auto-provisioning
For team plans using single sign-on (SSO), auto-provisioning is a feature that allows users on that plan to simply log in via SSO for the first time to create an account and have a license automatically assigned to them. However, if auto-provis...
Accepting a team manager invitation via SSO
When you’re invited to be a team manager on a single sign-on (SSO)-enabled team plan, you’ll have to accept the invitation with SSO to successfully access Pluralsight Skills through your organization. If you already have a Skills account...
Creating SSO-enabled links
If you’re on a team plan with SSO (single sign-on), you can create SSO-enabled links that direct users to specific areas of Pluralsight Skills. For example, plan admins can use an SSO-enabled link to go directly to their admin dashboard, whil...