SSO integration with OneLogin

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Single Sign-on ensures your team can easily access their A Cloud Guru training dashboard directly through your Identity Provider (IdP) application or from the ACG log in page.

We have included OneLogin SSO connection details specific to your ACG Business Plus account. Please follow the steps below to ensure your A Cloud Guru OneLogin application is created with the appropriate settings and attributes.

Create a SAML 2.0 Okta application:

To get started, sign into OneLogin Admin > Click Applications > Click Add App.

  1. Next search for A Cloud Guru and click the ACG app.
  2. A Cloud Guru app page will load, click Save button.
  3. Click Configuration, and then Add in Client Connection Name provided by ACG and click Save.
  4. After the A Cloud Guru OneLogin application has been created, please download and forward the following information through email. This can be found through the SSO link.
    • SAML endpoint
    • X.509 Certificate (.pem or .cet)

The Integrations Consultant will reach back out with steps to move forward with information regarding testing (roughly 3 -5 business days on average) of your new connection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Support team (opens email form).

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