Slide decks and exam tips: where can I download them?

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From time to time students reach out and ask to get the slide decks and exam hints tips as a download for review.

Unfortunately, we have to decline these requests. There are several reasons all of which contribute to this decision.

  1. There is a real cost in maintaining printed material in line with the course and the industry changes. This is a real cost that would need to be passed on to students in course costs and the learning value does not justify this cost especially when there are alternatives.
  2. For those on the move we provide the mobile app which gives access to the whole course in the form that it is designed to be absorbed in.
  3. While we acknowledge that the slide decks and hints would make review and memorization of some material easier, that material would not be sufficient to develop good skills to take into a job, or properly prepare for the exam. The content you need to learn to pass the exams is much more than just the slide deck or the hints tips. If you are looking for material to review, we encourage you to re-read the white papers and consider both what the services are good for, and what they are not well suited for. This will help with the scenario questions on the exam, and the supplementary reading to provide deeper knowledge.

    Our instructors found that they recognized many of the exam questions from the white paper commentary. Read them slowly, stopping frequently to think about what they are saying, and what the anti case would be.

    (If you are studying AWS the AWS free Kindle books excellent and a really good way to start your prep for the Speciality & Pro level certs.)

  4. Due to copyright reasons, we're unable to release the slides used in our videos. We originally released material, but it only takes a couple of people to abuse it and ruin it for everyone. Within months we found them pirated and reproduced in other languages without permission. Given we also update the videos and section constantly which would put the written material out of date, we've opted to not make them available.
  5. It is assumed that the main reason to download these assets is to help retention and recall of facts. Although it takes more time, the process of thinking about and writing your own notes is far more effective at aiding recall than just reading someone else's notes. For the greatest effect, I would encourage you to make notes as you do the course and read the white papers.

I am sorry that we cannot satisfy you on this, but I hope that my suggestions will help you move forward.

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