What do I really need to learn for the exam?

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Students come to A Cloud Guru from a wide range of work and educational background. Some from formal academic study, some from Vendor courses, and some from self reading. Philosophies of education range from teaching broad knowledge to teaching to an exam. Many students come to us with little time or requirements that do not allow for the 'broad knowledge' philosophical approach, and ask what is the minimal material that they need to digest to pass an exam.

Do I really need to know this?

At A Cloud Guru, we understand our students are dedicating valuable time to study for professional and personal development. That is why our instructors have crafted their courses to include the most essential materials to help students, like yourself, get the most of your study time. The model we use is quite lean, focussing on core skill, or in the case of certification teaching to the exam curriculum. If it is in one of our course it is there because you needed to understand the material and become proficient to pass an exam. Our course is a framework on which you will build your knowledge. We will not short change you by leaving out necessary information, but we also won't ask you to learn what will not help you.

If you are interested in becoming an expert in your desired topic area, we encourage you to learn beyond what we present, and advise you to not short change yourself by skipping any material presented or recommended.

To learn more about why you might study a particular course, check out the "About the Course" section in our course pages.

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