Admin FAQs

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You're busy creating a well oiled learning machine. That's why we've put together a short list of common questions to help streamline your success.

Can I change a team member's role?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade admin rights to a team member. If you head over to the users tab at the top of your dashboard, you will find a list of all users. Find the name of the user you'd like to change and click 'change role' in the furthest column to the right.

It will alert you and confirm your changes after you click the 'change role' button.

Tip: Turning on "Student" access for an admin will consume a license.

  • Admin: ACG Administrator. "Manage my Team" access only. This includes, inviting users, reporting, assigning study groups
  • Admin+Student: ACG Administrator with Learner Access. Admin rights, plus access to course content and hands-on lab resources. This role occupies a seat license
  • Student: Learn all the things. Full access to the course content library, Hands-on Lab demonstrations and Cloud Playground
  • Team Coordinator: Managing teams, not seats. This role does not include student access, and therefore does not take up a seat. Please visit Creating and Managing Teams for additional details.
  • Team Coordinator + Student: Managing teams with Learner Access. All the abilities of Team Coordinator, plus access to course content and student resources. This role occupies a seat license.

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How do I remove a team member?

As much as turnover makes us sad, we understand team members may switch teams, roles and companies. We want you to get the most use out of that license.

Within your "Users" tab, you can choose one or multiple individuals to deactivate. Once you click deactivate in the upper left after choosing your selection, you will see a pop-up with additional information asking you to confirm. Please keep in mind that you will be alerted with a potential limit to how many seats you can reallocate.

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Can I remove users by updating my SSO Active Directory?

The short answer, no. The user would still be taking a license on our platform since we do not update based on the active directory. Once they're added, they're added. You would need to email us at to request the removal of any user(s).

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.