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A Cloud Guru currently maintain three places to get information about the services we provide, technical questions and private questions. In the article below we will outline each and what it is best suited for.

Knowledge base

We maintain a knowledge base which holds static documents that relate to frequently asked questions. These are predominately about account, study, and career topics. However we also have a few technical articles where little or no change is expected.

Community forum

We have a community forum (opens in new tab) as a place to discuss and ask questions about:

The community forum has posts that are raised and answered by students, senior students, and alumni. There are also moderators, staff, and even lecturers who circulate around the forum answering questions, providing guidance and insights. You often won't recognize these people except by their contributions.

Access to the Forum is via the link above. However if you want to focus on a particular issue the best approach is via a lecture related to that issue. In the bottom left corner under the Find an answer button.

This will lead you to the search related to that lecture.

Always start by searching based on the error or key words. It is likely that you are not the 1st to have had a problem, and there is much that can be learned from the experience of others.

Private support help

Finally we have the Pluralsight Support form (opens email form), intended to support students on private matters such as their: accounts, course selection, careers, feedback on exam questions and results, commercially sensitive matters, and when they just cannot make sense of something and they would find it too embarrassing to raise in the public forum.

You are always welcome to use this channel to reach us, however your response may be delayed if it does not fall into one of the above categories.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.