Analytics topics

Analytics allows you to evaluate your teams' tech skills, align learning to key business objectives, measure how your learners use Pluralsight Skills, examine trends in skill development, and quantify the impact of the Skills platform.

Getting started

  • Skills inventory analytics quantifies skill levels for learners across your entire organization, so you can identify top performers and help others close the gap.
  • Users analytics shows a comprehensive listing of all learners and the time they have spent learning on Skills.
  • Content analytics gives a glimpse into individualized usage for each active member of your team. Through usage data and completion rates, you can spot where your learners have engaged with content and which courses are being used more than others.

Helpful topics


First steps with analytics
With so much information available to you through analytics, it can seem overwhelming to get started. Let's start with the basics to set you up for success. Then we'll take it from there. In this article Basic analytics Advanced analy...
Understanding analytics reports
Pluralsight Skills offers analytics web reports and CSV report downloads to help you track your teams' progress. These analytics reports offer a wealth of information and insights into your team. In this article you'll find a breakdown of...
Filtering analytics with nested teams
If you've set up nested teams , you have more control over what you see in analytics by filtering your nested team structure. This allows you to focus on the analytics you really want to see. Note: Nested teams filtering is available in co...
How analytics data follows learners
Analytics data follows a learner as the learner moves from one plan or subscription to another. The availability of analytics data is influenced by the type of analytics, your role as a plan admin or team manager, and the addition and removal of...
Course progress vs. view time
As a learner, you might wonder why your view time is different from the course duration on your history page. Or as an admin or team manager, you might notice a discrepancy between the analytics you can see and the view time data your learners see....
Automating reporting with the Reports API
Plan admins on Enterprise team plans have access to the Reports API. To access the Reports API: Log into your Pluralsight Skills account. Click Account in the left-pane navigation menu. Click the Integrations tab. In the Reports API ...