Navigating between Skills and ACG using the app-switcher

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Use the app-switcher to help you navigate smoothly between Pluralsight Skills and A Cloud Guru (ACG) so you can quickly access additional content wherever it's based.

Using the app-switcher

When you log in to Skills or ACG, click the grid icon in the top navigation bar to see a list of platforms you can visit. You can access the grid icon from any page of the platforms.

Skills grid dropdown

If you’re a Skills user, clicking A Cloud Guru in the grid list populates a redirect notification alerting you that you're about to leave Pluralsight. Click Go to A Cloud Guru in the notification to continue to the ACG platform.

ACG grid dropdown

If you’re an ACG user, clicking Skills in the grid icon populates a redirect notification alerting you that you’re about to leave A Cloud Guru. Click Continue to Skills in the notification to continue to the Skills platform.

If you click on ACG content while exploring the Skills app, this same redirect notification pops up. Once you click Go to A Cloud Guru in the notification, the ACG content will open in a new tab.

On your second visit to the ACG platform, you'll notice a Don’t show this again checkbox at the bottom of the popup. Click it if you no longer wish to see the redirect notification.

Note: If you see a login screen when navigating between Skills and Cloud, it may be because you’re using a browser that has disabled third-party cookies by default. To fix this, refer to your browser’s documentation for information on enabling third-party cookies.

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Common questions

Why am I redirected when I click ACG content in Skills?

Pluralsight acquired ACG in 2021 and is in the process of merging the content of both platforms. In the meantime, we want to put both Skills and ACG content at your fingertips, wherever it exists. For more information about this acquisition and what it means for you, visit the integration page (opens in a new tab).

What if I have accounts on both Pluralsight and ACG?

If you have a free or paid ACG individual plan and are on a Skills business plan, check out our article on multiple email accounts to find out if you need to take any actions.

The redirect notification asks me to update my account, what happens next?

See the multiple email accounts article above for more information specific to your account type.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.