AWS RDS - does not create initial database

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In mid 2019 AWS changed the Workflow for creating a new RDS Instance on the RDS service.This has caused a number of labs to break as an additional step is now needed to result in the RDS initialization creating the same result as the original workflow. Please find attached a workaround until we re-record all the RDS labs.


In the old workflow, RDS built an initial database shell as part of creating the RDS instance. While very convenient, having a default database floating around in a production systems was unnecessary, problematic and potentially a security risk. Unfortunately this is the database shell that the labs need. In the new workflow you now need to specifically tell RDS to build the initial database shell. In a production environment you would run scripts to create what you want, but that is an unnecessary complication to the labs and the learning objectives.

Work around

This is a solution that will most likely be in the new recording.

The key issue is that the new workflow does not build the initial database by default. But we can tell RDS to do so though the console.

  1. If you are offered a choice, select the "New workflow" in the screen top banner.
  2. As you complete the form watch for the 'Additional Configuration' pulldown.
  3. Open the pull down 
  4. Provide an initial database name. As the note says, without the name RDS will not create the initial database.

Although the form may look different, mostly it is just a change in formatting. If you relax and read your way though it you should have no difficulty completing the rest of the configuration and proceeding with the lab

We are working on an update for all the courses.

In the meantime I hope that helps.

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