Skills learner features

Apps and offline viewing

Learners with an active Skills subscription or license can view video courses on our mobile, desktop, and TV apps. You can also download courses for offline viewing on our mobile and desktop apps. Links to these apps are on our downloads page (opens in new tab) .

Certification paths and exam preparation

Pluralsight Skills helps you prepare for industry certifications, including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and others. To support your path to certification, we provide curated certification paths (opens in new tab), CyberVista certification practice exams, and certificates of completion that can be used for certain continuing education credits.

Skills courses geared toward certifications are identified by the exam number in our library. These courses typically cover more than what's required for the exam, because our experts concentrate on the skills or topics outlined on a certification syllabus.

We don't offer guarantees that you'll pass your exam. Our service is self-paced and your test results will determine whether you pass the exam.

Once you're ready, you'll have to register and pay for the exams. For most vendor certifications, you can find the closest testing facility and register for the exam through or If you don't see your test there, we recommend you look on the vendor's website.

If you can't find a certification or have additional questions about certifications, check out the other certification links on our help center or contact Pluralsight Support (opens email form).

Video courses

Learn about Pluralsight video courses and the video player.